The lawyers at SKALING provide comprehensive advice on trademark, copyright and competition law.

In order to be perceived as a company together with its products and services in a highly competitive market, it is often advisable to register a trademark. We advise you whether your trademark is registrable and does not create a risk of confusion with other trademarks, which can lead to costly warnings. If the requirements are met, we will register the trademark at the respective trademark office (Germany, EU and worldwide).

Further, we protect your intellectual property, which could be e.g. computer programs, architectural plans, pictures, music or texts. SKALING takes action against the infringer in case of a copyright infringement. If you like to exploit your intellectual property, we support you with licence agreements, among other things.

SKALING's competition lawyers advise you in particular with regard to market conduct rules, thereby avoiding cost-intensive warnings from competitors. Conversely, we take action against companies that disregard market conduct rules in order to gain a competitive advantage.

Our activities in Trademark, Copyright and Competition Law include in particular:

In the field of Copyright:

  • the protection of intellectual property (e.g. computer programs, texts, images, films), particularly in the digital world,

  • the extrajudicial and judicial enforcement of copyrights in case of infringement of intellectual property (warning, injunction, compensation),

  • the exploitation of intellectual property (licensing, advertising, agency, publishing contracts).

In the field of Competition Law:

  • the examination of a company's Internet presence (online shop, online services, conformity with, inter alia, consumer protection and data protection regulations),

  • the extrajudicial and judicial enforcement of competition law claims for injunction, information and compensation,

  • the defence against unjustified claims by competitors or consumer protection agencies, in particular the defence against warnings.

In the field of Trademark Law:

  • trademark applications and transfers (German trademarks, Union trademarks and international registrations) at the competent trademark registers; DPMA (German Patent and Trademark Office), EUIPO (Office of the European Union for Intellectual Property) and WIPO (World International Property Organization),

  • the extrajudicial and judicial enforcement of trademark rights in the event of trademark infringements by third parties (trademark defence, warning, interim injunction, lawsuit),

  • the examination of the registrability of a trademark (e.g. collision with similar signs),

  • the commercialisation of the brand (drawing up licence agreements, brand licences).