SKALING advises companies on the choice and structuring of the right type of financing - whether by equity, debt or mezzanine capital or by use of alternative financing models such as crowd investing or ICOs.

The SKALING team has special know-how in the area of Venture Capital financing (in particular financing rounds, convertible loans), as well as in blockchain and token-based financing models. In addition to corporate and civil law, our advice also covers the regulatory and tax aspects of the respective financing model.

Our advice on Financing covers:

  • conventional equity and debt capital financing, for example through capital increases, shareholder loans and bank loans,

  • financing through mezzanine capital such as convertible loans and (atypical) silent partnerships,

  • alternative financing models such as crowd investing and funding, or the emission of blockchain- or token-based instruments (e.g. via an ICO), whereby our advice covers not only the structuring under civil law but also the relevant regulatory and tax aspects,

  • the financing of start-ups at all stages, in particular through financing rounds and convertible loans.