An essential part of asset accumulation and responsible company management is the well thought-out transfer of assets or a company to subsequent generations.

Our team of lawyers, specialist attorneys and tax consultants will advise you on all questions of asset and company succession or takeover. Be it within the family, the sale to a third party or the transfer of the company into so-called responsible ownership. In addition to the consequences under company and tax law, we also consider the effects under inheritance and family law and develop a holistic succession or takeover concept together with you for a tax-efficient transfer.

Last but not least, we consider with you the interpersonal issues that often play a decisive role within a family or a company.

Our services in the area of asset and company succession include in particular:

  • Legal and tax structuring of business succession

  • Drafting of transfer agreements and possible financing agreements

  • Planning and execution of company sales including valuation issues

  • Planning and support of management buy-out or buy-in processes (MBO or MBI)

  • Conception of family companies and family pools

  • Conception of foundations and responsibility ownership structure

  • Mediation for shareholders and family members

  • Determination of the company value for inheritance and gift tax purposes

  • Arrangements for the reduction of inheritance tax