Companies and entrepreneurs in a crisis face a multitude of problems that can quickly get out of hand without expert advice. Don't let it get that far - act at the first signs of a crisis.   

At SKALING we develop strategies and concepts with you to avert insolvency. We negotiate with your creditors and business partners, create a restructuring concept or assist you with our experience in the sale of your company or parts of your company. 

If it cannot be avoided, we provide strategic support in the initiation of insolvency or liquidation proceedings. The avoidance of personal liability and of criminal and tax risks for the management, board of directors, supervisory board or shareholders is our main focus.   

In insolvency proceedings the SKALING consistently enforces rescission or liability claims. Our litigation experts have extensive experience in the management and organization of mass proceedings with a large number of rescission opponents.  

Our advice on insolvency law and restructuring includes:

  • Advice on the insolvency-proof structuring of your own assets and those of corporate groups,  

  • Support in refinancing negotiations between debtors and creditors (e.g. standstill agreements, bridge financing, restructuring loans),  

  • Creation of remediation concepts,  

  • Insolvency plan proceedings and transferring reorganizations,   

  • Avoidance of impending liability risks for managing directors, board members, supervisory board members and shareholders,  

  • Advising owners or investors on the purchase or sale of companies from insolvency (distressed M&A),  

  • Representation in individual and mass court proceedings in the context of claw-back claims or defending against liability claims,   

  • Creditor advice for debtors threatened by insolvency and insolvent debtors.