Sometimes, disputes in business life cannot be avoided even with the most skilful drafting of contracts. Then it is necessary to enforce rights consistently or to defend unjustified claims efficiently. Together with you, we realistically assess litigation risks, advise you constructively and strategically and prepare you comprehensively for conflict and litigation situations.  

With SKALING you have a strong partner at your side. We have extensive experience in both the enforcement and the defence of claims and not least in the negotiation of the best possible settlements. We are experienced in dealing with the courts and are active for our clients at all instances and are also at your side together with your appointed lawyer in proceedings before the Federal Court of Justice. We also represent you in arbitration proceedings and can draw on experience before arbitration tribunals of many institutions (including DIS, ICC, LCIA, SCC, AAA).

Thanks to the use of technical possibilities and modern infrastructure, the organisation and management of mass proceedings with a large number of individual proceedings is no problem for us.

Court proceedings can take a very long time. This not only costs time and money, but also ties up capacity and can have a profound effect on business relationships. We offer you our expertise not only in the management, but also in the avoidance of court decisions through judicial or extrajudicial settlements.

Our services in Litigation include: