SKALING advises employers as well as managing directors and employees on all labour law matters. One of our areas of special expertise is advising temporary employment agencies and personnel placement companies.

In particular, we advise you on the drafting of contracts, highlight possible risks and legally secure alternatives and revise your template contracts on the basis of the latest case law. We support you in all questions that may arise before, during or after termination of an employment relationship, whether it is a draft of a tailor-made agreement, a warning letter, or a testimonial.

In the context of transactions, we examine labour law risks and draft the necessary contract clauses. We further assist you with our expertise in insolvency proceedings.

We also represent your interests in a solution-oriented and pragmatic manner in all extrajudicial and judicial matters.

Our activities in Employment Law include:

  • the drafting and review of all types of employment contracts (e.g. service contracts for managing directors, employee contracts, freelancers)

  • the establishment and termination of employment and service relationships (e.g. dismissals, termination agreements)

  • the conduct of labour court proceedings,

  • labour law due diligence,

  • Insolvency labour law,

  • the drafting of non-compete and secondary activity clauses,

  • the review and implementation of data protection regulations for employers and employees (employee data protection),

  • the preparation of warning letters,

  • the design and implementation of business transfers,

  • advice on co-determination at company level,

  • Design and negotiation of reconciliation of interests and social plan,

  • the drafting and negotiation of works agreements,

  • the provision of advice on temporary work, temporary employment and the hiring of temporary workers,

  • advice on the posting of employees (e.g. international or cross-border activities).